Old Great North Road

The Old Great North Road was part of a network of ‘Great Roads’ that were designed to mirror the Great Roads of England. The layout of the site reflects the operation of convict road gangs to punish re-offending convicts and revive the fear of transportation, while expanding and linking settlements at the same time.

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The Old Great North Road

The site is located near Wiseman’s Ferry, and is a 7.5 kilometre portion of the Great North Road (which totals 250 kilometres), constructed by male convicts. The Road landscape incorporates a 2.5 kilometre section of Devine’s Hill, and a five kilometre road called Finch’s Line which was abandoned before completion. The Road is located in a natural bushland setting undisturbed since the convict era.

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Along the Road many quarry sites remain, with the triangular shaped marks visible from hand-drilling. Some individual sandstone blocks still have convict made pick marks. Remains and ruins of the convict built Devine’s Hill stockade and a stone hut built beside the road are also visible. These huts provided temporary housing for convicts at night, as the road progressed.

OGNR. 25 Rd Party. Convict graffiti.JPG

Convict Graffiti

The convicts of the No. 25 Road Party gang marked their presence in the rock wall. Convicts often used graffiti as a form of resistance against penal servitude, and sometimes as a mark of pride in their work.


Old Great North Road

Address: Lot 139 Old Great Northern Rd, Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales 2775

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