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Australian Convict Sites Steering Committee - 2018 Face to Face Meeting Summary Report

The Australian Convict Sites Steering Committee (ACSSC) hold several teleconferences a year, with one face to face meeting scheduled annually. The 2018 face to face meeting was held at the Brickendon and Woolmers Estates in Tasmania from Monday 20 August to Tuesday 21 August 2018. Nineteen committee representatives from the 11 sites, State jurisdictions and the Commonwealth were present. The meeting’s agenda covered many areas of ACSSC business, including; strategic documentation review; challenges facing the Australian Convict Sites; periodic reporting; Australian Convict Sites website and video project; review of Brickendon and Woolmers sites; and the 2018-2019 Work Plan. The 2018 ACSSC Face to Face Meeting Summary Report outlines these key discussions, and records the outcomes of this meeting.


Australian Convict Sites Strategic Management Framework (2018)

The Australian Convict Sites Steering Committee (ACSSC) was formed as a result of the successful nomination of the Australian Convict Sites to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. The ACSSC state that the Committee is responsible for managing, protecting, conserving and presenting the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.  The representatives and delegates of the ACSSC actively contributes ‘towards achieving the strategic objectives of the ACS as identified in the Strategic Management Framework.



Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Nomination

The Australian Convict Sites is the name of the nominated property and comprises 11 sites across the continent of Australia. The Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Nomination The sites are representative of the global phenomenon of convictism and its association with global developments in the punishment of crime in the modern era. The 11 sites are the pre-eminent examples of Australia's rich convict history with more than 3,000 convict sites remaining around Australia. This is unique in the world today.

The nomination document, is an agreement between the State Party concerned and the international community, in which the former commits itself to protect and manage an identified property on its territory while the latter pledges support and assistance. Just like any agreement, the nomination should be accurate, informative and complete. If this is not the case, ensuring the fulfillment of the agreement between the State Party and the international community and the effective implementation of the World Heritage Convention become very difficult. 

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Australian Convict Sites Strategic Plan 2017

The ACSSC Strategic Plan 2017 was originally drafted in 2007 to guide the property through the World Heritage nomination process and to provide strategic direction for the property during its first years as a World Heritage property. A ten year review in 2017 found that the original objectives were no longer consistent with the operational realities of the serial property. As a result, new strategic objectives for the Australian Convict Sites were developed that focus on the core aims of the World Heritage Convention.